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SANGAAH in Sanskrit means "community" and that's why we're here. We are a proud minority and female owned jewelry brand inspired by Indian culture. We want to bring together the bold, fearless, and fashion forward through our jewelry collection. Indian culture is at the root of our family story and is what inspired us to create show-stopping jewelry that has its own unique story. 

The idea for SANGAAH was born from our travels, different cultural backgrounds, and passion for all things fashion and style. As we traveled to different parts of the world, we loved not only the distinct styles in jewelry and fashion, but also the stories and traditions behind them rooted in each culture.

As we looked around at the current trends and the cookie cutter offering out there today, we believed there was space to bring more global styles with a glam edge. Our pieces are meant to be bold and stand out, yet still on-trend. We all have a distinct point of view, and we want you to feel confident and free to express it!

Every piece we create is 14k gold plated recycled brass, and handmade by skilled artisans in New York City. We are committed to high quality, sustainable production practices and our jewelry is designed to be worn time and again, bringing the drama each and every time you wear it!



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